Inspiration To Freedom

Life Purpose Coaching and Relational Trauma Coaching 

Helping women heal and move forward with God's plan

Healthy living, physically, emotionally, and spiritually

Inspiration to Freedom is focused on helping hurting women heal.  We want to help women experience the shear awesomeness of being set free to live out God's purpose in their lives.  We specialize in helping betrayed spouses and partners of sexual addiction heal from the pain and trauma of betrayal.  Our mission is to restore hope and health, to enlighten through education and understanding.  We inspire women to move forward with new purpose whether they choose to remain in the marriage or move on.

We help betrayed women learn to find safety, establish boundaries, recognize and confront the "gaslighting" process, and move forward in their own healing with courage and confidence.   Life Purpose Coaching helps women who find themselves "stuck" or on an unfamiliar path in life and desiring direction and help in finding their God given purpose.

Relational trauma coaching - addresses the knowledge and tools women need to gain for healing from betrayal and confidently move forward to the next phase and season of life.

Life purpose coaching - is about "finding you." It is a fun and challenging time of "digging deep" into your values, motives, gifts, talents, and many life experiences to discover new direction, passion, and your God given purpose.

All coaching is provided in a supportive and nurturing environment with the goal of assisting clients as they build a personal plan/goal for healthy living spiritually, emotionally, and physically.


Frisco, Texas

Individual and Group Coaching

  • Face-to-Face Sessions
  • Phone Sessions
  • Online Sessions

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He who has a "Why" (Purpose) can
endure any "How".  Fred Nietzsche

He whom the Son has set free is free
indeed.  john 8:36